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1. General Questions
Who is MasterCall Connections.?
MasterCall Connections., is certified by the New York State Public Service Commission to provide local telephone services within the State of New York, and the Federal Communications Commission to provide long distance and International Calling. Presently, we offer our services primarily to various ethnic groups who have come to the United States from other countries. However, all customers are welcome. Our live representatives speak many languages and, of course, English. Click here to find out more.

How can I sign up for your service?
Just click on "Sign Up" on the main menu of this screen and fill out short online form, and our operator will contact you shortly. If you want to be contacted at a certain time, please mention it in online form.

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2. Long Distance services inquiries
Can I try MCC Long Distance without disconnecting from my current provider?
Yes, you may try it by making your calls through our Toll Free or Local Access Numbers.

Will I be able to make calls from my office and/or mobile phone?
Yes, you will be able to do that with our pre-paid, billing and calling card services.

What the difference between billing and pre-paid accounts?
With pre-paid services you pay as you go. When your balance is low you may call us and add funds to your account or you may place your account on auto-reload which will add funds automatically by charging your credit or debit card every time you are running out of money. Billing services allow you to pay in the end of the months for all you monthly charges.

What is MCC Direct?
By signing up do Direct Dial you will be able to make International and Domestic Long-Distance calls straight from your land line without dialing access numbers or PINs. You can use both methods Billing and Pre-Paid for Direct Dial.

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3. Most common MCC Access questions
What is PIN-less Access?
Our PIN-less Access service allows you to assign a phone number to your PIN so that you can make your calls by just dialing our access number and your destination. Set up for this service is absolutely Free and could be made any time by your request.

Is there an additional fee for using mobile phones to call long distance?
No, there is no additional fee. If you place your call through a local access number

Can I call from outside of the United States using MCC services?
We have International Access Numbers in over 45 countries. By dialing those numbers you may use our services. For an updated list of all the countries and surcharges please click here.

If I dont have a Local Access Number in my area code what should I do?
You can use our toll-free access numbers. Please call Customer care for details.

Can I use a public phone to dial an MCC toll-free access number in US?
Yes. But a a Federal charge of 85 cents per each successful call may be applied.

May I use your service from Other Countries?
It is quite easy to make a call from outside the U.S. This service is of great convenience for you if you are visiting other countries, and if you want your friends and relatives living abroad to be able to call at your expense. All you need is a telephone working in touch-tone system. First you will dial the access number, then your PIN and then the number you'd like to call (to USA - 1 + Area Code + Phone Number, to other countries - 011 + Country Code + City Code + Number + [#]). The rate per each minute of calls from other countries to USA will be equal to the rate per minute indicated in the table below plus additional surcharge per each minute, which is different for all countries.

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4. Local Service & Features
What is included in MasterCall's Local Packages?
MasterCall offers customers several calling packages that combine local, long distance and international calling into a high-quality telephone service that offers our customers a single bill, single point of contact and very competitive rates.

Each package includes:
> Local Dial Tone
> Access Line
> Access to E911 Emergency Services
> Access to Directory Assistance and Operator Services
> White Pages Listing
> Access to Long Distance and International Calling Without Any Additional Fees

Different line features are be included with different packages. MasterCall offers three different packages that customers may choose from depending on their individual needs. For example, one of our packages includes unlimited local, unlimited domestic long distance and Canada, as well as Call Forwarding, Call Waiting and Caller ID with Name.

Another package provides for unlimited local calls only for those who make few regional or long distance calls. In all cases customers may add features of their choosing at a nominal additional fee.

Where is MasterCall Local Service Available?
Presently MasterCall is only offering local services within the following area codes 212, 347, 516, 646, 718, 845, 914 (portion), 917. Customers who wish to use MasterCall for long distance and International services may be located anywhere within the United States.

Why Does MasterCall Offer Different Local Plans?
MasterCall believes that our customers should have choices for what services they want rather than pay for features they don't require or ever use. We established our rates as low as possible and allow customers to add features and call coverage any way they want. For example, if customers want additional features MasterCall charges $2.75 for most features, a rate far lower than competitors. Customers should compare the prices from MasterCall for the same features than others bundle together at a higher price to determine which packages work better for them.

Does MasterCall offer Local Calling Services for Small Business?
MasterCall presently offers a local calling package for small business customers (under 4 lines). Please call for additional details.

If I order Local Calling Service from MasterCall Do I have to Also Take MasterCall's Long Distance Package?
Yes, MasterCall is offering a bundled package that includes local calling, long distance and international. If you don't want to take MasterCalls' long distance package then Master Call will charge you $24.99 as a one-time charge to offset the additional expense of provisioning you. However, before you decide not to take advantage of MasterCall's low domestic long distance and international rates compare our rate to those of your present long distance and international provider.

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5. Billing and payment questions - Long Distance
Can I pay my bills on-line?
Yes, you can log in to your account to view your statements and pay bills online.

How can I add funds to my pre-paid account?
You can call Customer Care, add funds on-line in My Account or set-up Auto-Pay so that your credit card will be charged automatically when you are running low on funds.

What taxes apply to your services?
For pre-paid accounts, taxes are approximately 10% total. Billing taxes may vary depending on the state you live in.

6. Billing and payment questions - Local Serivce
What Taxes and Surcharges are Billed by MasterCall for Local Service?
MasterCall charges the same fees as other local telephone providers because we all follow the same local, state and Federal laws. These fees include end user line charges, excise taxes, 911 surcharges, etc. and are detailed more specifically in another part of this site.

Why do Some Other Local Telephone Companies Charge Less For Certain Services?
MasterCall's local rates are very competitive. Most of our customers call internationally to family and friends in other countries. We have noticed that those companies who may charge less than MasterCall for local services charge a fee for their "best" international rate plans. These fees range from $2.50 to over $5.00 per month. MasterCall does not charge extra for our best international rate plan which is included automatically with any of our local services. In fact, our international rates are far lower than any of the other local competitors. Before you subscribe to any local or long distance plans compare Master Call's international and interstate rates to those of other local carriers!

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