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Inside MasterCall a consumer oriented telecom
Master Call Corporation. was established in January of 1999. At its� very foundation, MasterCall is a service oriented company built and structured around the demands and requirements of the consumer. Empowered by years of telecommunications industry experience and basic human understanding of the consumer, the MasterCall team set out to build a company to answer its� patron�s each and every demand.
Employing the latest technologies, MasterCall offers top quality domestic and international telecommunications services at highly competitive tariffs to provide it�s consumer with the best value possible. In just over 5 years, MasterCall�s customer base has grown exponentially with noticeable popularity within ethnic Russian, Polish, Slovak and other Eastern-European groups residing within the continental United States. That fact is for the most part accredited to our in-language Customer Care department working hard to provide the customers with the quality service expected from MasterCall. With long distance and international call traffic originating from throughout the United States as well as over 45 countries around the globe, MasterCall is one of the fastest growing value telecoms in the nation.

MCC Network :: Smart, reliable and value conscious.
In striving to provide our consumer with an optimal value, we have developed strategic partnerships with the top communications and technical support companies in the world. Utilizing the established networks and resources with our strategic management we are able to offer the most reliable value communications solutions with the best possible quality of service and support.

MCC Customer Care.
Throughout the years we�ve been able to compile a knowledgeable, multilingual Customer Care team with vast backgrounds and on hand support experience at major telecoms such as MCI, Verizon, At&t and many others. The MCC//Customer Care team mostly consists of former immigrants who hail from all the same countries as our customers. Hence we are able to offer friendly in-language assistance with a familiar mindset to all of our customers 365 days a year.

MCC Management.
Much like our Customer Care, our management and product development teams were built to understand the end user. With vast experience on our target markets, our managers and strategists are able to offer products and services specifically tailored to fit the requirements of a modern consumer. Whether you are a residential customer with a few calls a month or a large, multiethnic enterprise doing business all over the world, you are bound to find an Product that�s right for you.

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You find answers to most common questions and conserns in the extensive knowledge base of our Support section.

Well versed MCC Customer Care representatives are available to assist you and answer all your questions.

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